Monday, July 7, 2008

A quickie Brinjal recipe..

This is a simple recipe and I made it within 12 minutes!
I tell you how it happened...
I came home for lunch ,hungry.But to my dismay I only found plain rice and rasam which was made this morning by my mom.I felt ,I must have something spicey and unusual to have with the rice.I ransacked the fridge and saw a heap of good 'Brinjals'.Then came the idea of making 'Stuffed Brinjal' .
I have tried it many times before and its never boring.This is not like the usual currys,Its different .I adapted it from "Malika Badirinath's cookbook'.This goes well with rice,chapati,bread and even dosa..
Look how mouthwatering it is...

Stuffed Brinjal

You will need:
5-6 small Brinjals(Slit into 4 quardants as shown in picture)

6 small onions
2-3 tomatoes
3 teaspoon of grated coconut
6-7 Dried red chillies
1 1/2 teaspoon of coriander seeds
1 1/2 teaspoon of roasted n split chickpeas(pottu kadalai)
1 teaspoon of pepper and jeera
4-5 teaspoon of oil

1 teasppon sugar
salt to taste

Tip: you can also use cashews or peanuts instead of chickpeas..

Blend all the ingredients into a fine paste except the Brinjal..(first ground the dry ingredients and then add the rest --so the paste will be smooth)

Stuff the Brinjals with the paste..I did this in a microwave...I preheated the oil for 2 mins.If you are doing on the stove ,its preferable to use the 'Irumbu Kadai' (Iron pan) and heat the oil to smoking point .
Arrange the stuffed Brinjals on the pan or the microwave dish as shown in the picture.Pour the remaining paste onto it.Cover with a lid and cook till tender and the oil separates.Do not add water ,it must cook in the oil and the steam.Flip in between so that the brinjal is evenly cooked on all side.

You could wonder why is she using so much of this masala paste when she is doing stuffed brinjal? But I have a reason.. I love the masala so much and I can have them mixing it with the rice .Usually the stuffed brinjal won't be having this much of masala and they are 'perfectly stuffed'. So people ,if u want it to be 'perfectly stuffed' ,you can reduce to 1 tomato and 3 onions .

Its ready to go into the microwave...

After 8 mins ,this delicious Brinjal curry is ready(yeah ,i agree that now it look more like a curry than a stuffed one) But it tasted good...

I had it with some ghee drizzled on the rice and roasted masala papad .
For each spoon on my mouth, I was saying Mmmmmmmmmmm....

Now ,for what are you waiting?


  1. hey ...v r waiting 4 u to prepare this again and give us..nice to see..

  2. We Are Waiting that you must make it again, So we can also enjoy the taste of your hands.