Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vinayagar Chathurthi and Kozhukattais!

Yesterday was Vinayagar Chathurthi and as usual we celebrated it with a big feast in the morning and Neivedyam for Lord Ganesha with his favourite kozhukattais was done in the evening!The feast included ullundu vadai(Black lentil gram fritters),Pappads,Seasoned Dal,Drumstick sambar,Tomato Rasam,Rice,Chickpea(Garbanzo) Sundal,Moong dal Sundal,Cabbage stir fry,and for dessert we made broken wheat payasam!

We made Samba kozhukattais and mothagams/Modaks(The stuffed kozhukattais)..
Nobody doesn't likes kozhukattai..Kozhukattais are steamed rice balls with/wihtout fillings..
Samba kozhukattai is a regular fare in my aunt's home.She suggested me to make Samba kozhukattais for this year's Vinayagar Chathurthi..
We had different vareities of kozhukattais yesterday..My Paternal grandma made coconut filled modaks and my maternal grandma made modaks with 'Kadalai parrupu/bengal gram puranam' ..
Apart from sweet modaks they also made salted too..Like samba kozhukattai and modaks with Black Lentil grams/ullutham parrupu filling..

I always have a very special place for Lord Ganesha in my heart..and when it comes to Vinayagar Chathurthi,there comes an extra excitement to me!
I love making the modaks..Come and see how I made Samba kozhukattai and Sweet Modaks..

For one cup rice flour ,u need one and half cup water.
Bring the water to boil..Add required amount of salt and then add the rice flour..Simmer and give a nice stir with a spoon..It will absorb all the water ..Turn off the heat and allow to cool..

Cook 1/4 cup green gram/pasiparrupu/moong dal in water for 10-15 mins..Strain and keep aside..

Scrap the rice dough into a large plate .Apply some oil in your hand and knead gently to combine them properly..

For Samba kozhukattai,make tiny balls as shown in the picture above..

For modaks,take a golf ball size of rice dough and gooseberry size of puranam..Click here to know the recipe for Puranam..You can use the same Puranam/filling which we have used in the Puran Boli..

Grease your hand with oil and make a small cup(Choppu) out of the rice dough ball..Place the filling in the center of the choppu..

Enclose them gently as shown in the picture above..Gather the edges and make a central peak making sure the filling doesn't comes out..

Shape them into a nice modak like this..

Steam them in idli moulds for 10-15 mins..

To season the samba kozhukattai,heat 1 tsp oil and add a tsp of mustard seeds,2 dried red chilli and a big pinch of hing..
Allow to splutter.Then throw few curry leaves and the cooked moong dal..

Dump the small steamed kozhukattais and 2 tsp grated coconuts ..Give a nice stir and remove from heat..

Yummy Modagams and Samba Kozhukattais are ready eat!


  1. Hi! Just wanted to tell you how incredibly cool your blog is! I've been reading it for a while, but I just thought of commenting. The pictures are amazing! I'm not that great with Indian food, but I'm definitely going to try some of your recipes.

    Much love,

  2. Hai Bhiravi,Its a big surprise for me..DO try them and tell me how it came..Finally one of my cousins got interested in cooking!

  3. I think I am visiting here for the first time..lovely recipes..and I love your step to step pictures with easy for us to follow your recipe...
    Btw, this kara kozhukattais looks great..

  4. Hi Sowmya,
    Thanks for visiting..Im glad you like my blog..

  5. gud pictures& pillyar&kozhakattai looks very divine.i prays sincerely lord ganesh to shows all the blessings&wishes for yo

  6. Hai Sri,I know you are such a great devotee of Lord Ganesha and you like kozhukattais..This post is for you :-)