Friday, October 31, 2008

Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

There could be many people out there who skip breakfasts.Im no exception to that and I always fall short of time for taking breakfast.But we all know how much important is the first meal of the day.It should be wholesome and nutritious.
Keeping that in mind,my mom usually gives me 'Oats with milk & fruit' as breakfast.And that being hot and potful ,I couldn't finish up the whole stuff and run to my college in hurry.
So I came with this 'Smoothie' idea.
It can be made and kept in refrigirator the night before.And you know,how easy it is to drink a smoothie in few seconds and get ready to start your day.One can try out with other seasonal fruits.This is extremely delicious and filling.The oats and banana gives the lusciousness to the drink and to me it was like sipping a milk shake...
One drink....
And you get the goodness of 1 whole banana,1 glass of milk and 2 tbspoons of oats.
Isn't that good??

Start off with boiling the milk and add the oats.

After 30 seconds,turn off the heat and cool down.

Blend the oats/milk with sliced banana and sugar in a mixer.Chill and serve.

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  1. There's actually no need to boil the milk for this...just blend all the ingredients together straight from the fridge / cupboard!