Sunday, February 22, 2009

Puli Sundal

Puli Sundal is a very famous dish in the regions comprising Chidambaram,Mayiladuthurai and Kumbakonam.Some people call it 'Puli upma' but in our side its popularly known as 'Puli Sundal'.Though some argue that Puli Sundal is different from Puli Upma .They believe that Puli upma is made with broken rice.It is also known as the 'Quick Puliogare'.The best side dish for this Puli Sundal is nothing but raw 'Pearl Onions'.People swear that nothing beats this combo..
Other recommended side dishes are 'Sutta Appalam' (Pappad which is roasted over direct fire) or homemade fried arisi vadams(rice fryams) or any citrus pickle..
Im sharing with you the authentic recipe for Puli Sundal..My grandma taught me this..Actually ,its soo simple and there is nothing to teach much :)
Usually we prepare this for dinner and often me and my sis end up fighting for the last serving of Puli Sundal.yeah,a layer of puli sundal gets sticked to the bottom of the pan which is browned  a bit and they taste awesome..
Traditionally,its not in practice to add a bit of jaggery to the puli sundal..But we love to add about 1/2 tsp of jaggery to any dish that is made with  tamarind as base..So if you like that you can add a small amount of jaggery while adding salt.

You will need :

1 cup of rice (dry roasted for about 3-4  mins)
1 golf sized tamarind ball,soaked in 3 cups of water for 5 mins
4 red chillies,(break each one of them into small pieces)
1 tbsp of Bengal gram
1/4 cup of Peanuts
1/4 tsp of mustard seeds
A pinch of turmeric
A small piece of Asafotedia or 1/4 tsp (if in powder form)
2 sprigs of curry leaves
1/2 tsp of jaggery(optional)
2 tbsp of oil

In a large pan,heat oil.Add asafotedia,let it fry completely..throw the mustard seeds and allow it to splutter.Pluck the curry leaves off the stem and throw them in.Add bengal gram,broken chillies and peanuts.Fry for a couple of mins in medium heat.

Extract the juice of tamarind which will be about 3 cups.Pour them in the pan..Add salt and jaggery and let it come to boil.

Add the rice and keep the flame in low.Cook covered until done.

Peel some 'Pearl onions' chop them and sprinkle them over the 'Puli Sundal'.
Or just keep them aside and have a bite on it each time you dig in..

This simple and traditional recipe goes to 'Recipes for rest of us-DINNER' event hosted by Siri which is initiated by 'Ramki' of One page Cookbooks..


  1. Hey Madhu,

    The Puli Sundal looks great...and you have got a nice blog..with good presentation.

  2. Puli sundal looks very delicious & healthy Madhu

  3. This dish is so new to me Madhu and it looks soo yummy. I am gonna definitely try this out sometime this week..:))

    Thanks for sending it over to RFRU: Dinner.


  4. My granny is from Mayilladurai, she makes it, I ve completly forgotten, that is lovely dish Madhu!

  5. mmmm sounds delicious.. i love tangy spicy food. can have it anyday anytime.

  6. Wow..yummy Sundal Madhu ..n easy too..would love to have a spoon from the plate..:D

  7. Never heard of this before..Simple yet looks delicious..Have to give a try..

  8. wow yummy such a treditional dish like to taste this now will try and tell you nice entry and thank you so much for your lovely comment in kitchen flavors blog

  9. Vishali-Thanks for visiting...Im glad u liked it :)


    Siri-Im glad to take part in that event..Try it for will love it..

    Cham-My maternal granny is also my mayiladuthurai..Its a nice dish..try it..


    Varsha-Thanks ,varsha.

  10. gradma used to make this with'Noi Arisi'(cracked rice). Ofcourse all the steps like puliyodharai...we call it as 'Noi Arisi Puliyodharai'. Its a authentic dish...unique regional variation, right!:)

  11. This one is an easy and a quick dish.Good one,we call this Dhidir Pulikachal.

  12. looks so delicious. i love tamarind and this has to be yummy :)

  13. Love this food! I am drooling over it.. very authentic one right! too good!

  14. This is quite a lovely dish tangy dish much....

  15. wow, that looks delicious with onion toppings

  16. This is something pretty new for me. Thanks for sharing.

  17. We call it Huli anna in Kannada, same meaning as well. Looks os good Madhu, must try this and Gobi dish too. Thanks! :)

  18. Looks spicy ,tangy and delicious.

  19. Thank you,buddies for the lovely comments :)

  20. Hey, this sundal looks so gud, never tried upma with rice, need to try..

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  21. Never heard of puli sundal. But sounds yummy dear. All ur recipes are unique and attractive.

  22. You have a wonderful site. this is first time to your blog.

  23. Seems alike to puliyodarai.. But is a good mid-meal.. Good madhu!

  24. oh wow tht was the first expression i had as soon as ur blog apeared on my skin...
    oh i totally agree that a life is well lived only with good food.
    love ur pics on the blog. will revisit for sure!

  25. puli upma looks great & Yummy.. i love this upma..

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  27. Very interesting! is this like puliyodare?

  28. Wow tandy and yum. Congrats dear on winning Cook With Love..... event. Like the poem and kurma in the other post too.

  29. how interesting. i thought it was puliyogare. just going through ingredient list is enough for any foodies to start drooling :)