Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Carrot Halwa

Simple yet delectable carrot halwa!

A week ago, my sister visited me and so was I in cooking spree :) After a very long time, we had fun cooking together. Carrot Halwa is one of the many favorite desserts that our Paati (grandmother) makes. We had some serious craving for a bowl of warm carrot halwa on a late sunday afternoon. Without giving a second thought, we proceeded to the kitchen and began to shred the carrots. The secret of my Paati's carrot halwa lies in the slow cooking of the halwa until the milk turns into khoya. Some people like it rich and creamy but I like it crumbly and simple. 

Carrots are my go-to vegetable as they are so versatile. So I always have them stocked up in my fridge. I had used them to make various desserts like Carrot Phirni and Carrot Kheer.  The lovely color from carrot gives richness to the sweet at the same time the flavor being subtle. If you do have guests in short notice, you now know how to please them with a homemade dessert that is not a typical 'Payasam'.

You will need:
1/2 Kg Carrots
1.5 Cups of full fat milk
0.5 Cup Sugar
2 tbsp ghee
4 Cardamom Pods

* Optional: If desired,roasted nuts and raisins can be mixed in once the halwa is prepared.


Wash and peel the skin off the carrots.

Grate the carrots using coarse grating blades.

Heat 2 tbsp of ghee in a heavy bottomed vessel and saute the grated carrots for couple of minutes.

Pour in the milk and sugar. Slow cook till the milk gets absorbed.

Finely crush the cardamom seeds and add to the halwa.

Keep stirring till you see no liquid remaining. Serve warm.


  1. Never said no to these beautiful halwa, irresistible.

  2. More than the recipies, I love the way you photograph the process and present it.

    recipie Bookmarked :)