Monday, December 23, 2013

Kurumilagu Pickle | Pickled Green Peppercorns

Fresh green peppercorns are in season now. Pickle them and it can last till next season. The recipe is uber simple but the resulting pickle is so good . We even snack on them. Don't hesitate to buy when you spot them in a market. Peppercorns are mean't to contain numerous medicinal benefits and thats one another reason for you to pick this wondrous spice.
Apart from its use as a pickle for curd rice, I even use them in salads, Pastas etc.

You will need:
250 gms of Peppercorns
30 Lemons/limes
1/2 Cup Vinegar
1 liter of water
1 Cup of Rock salt
1 tsp Turmeric powder
A clean Glass Jar or Ceramic Jar


1. Wash the peppercorns well to clean off any dirt in them

2. Boil a liter of water with half cup vinegar , turmeric powder and 2 tbsp of salt.

3. After the mixture has boiled, let it rest for a while to cool down completely.

4. Add the peppercorn into the mixture and soak for 5 minutes. If there are any tiny insects sticking to the stalk of the peppercorn, they come off easily floating in the liquid. Strain the liquid and wash once again.

5. Pat dry the peppercorns. Clean and cut the limes lengthwise as shown in picture (cutting in lengthwise helps to get rid of the bitterness when we squeeze out the juice) Discard the seeds as much as possible. Squeeze the juice from lime wedges. Reserve some wedges of lime to preserve along with the peppercorns.

6. In a clean jar, add about 2 tbsp of salt and drop in few peppercorns and lime wedges. Pour some juice. Repeat by adding another tbsp of salt, few peppercorns and juice until you are done with all peppercorns and salt. Make sure to pour all the lime juice in.

5. Cover the bottle and rest for a week. Mix the mixture once in a day to ensure they soak evenly. The pickle is ready to enjoy after a week's time.

Note: The mixture may not be completely covered with the juice of lime. Thats fine. The mixture begins to leave some water in the forth coming days.

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