Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beat the heat!

When I was on my way back home from my driving class,my eyes spotted on a cart carrying watermelons.For a long time I wanted to try out the mexican cooler 'Auga Fresca' with melon. So I picked a large watermelon for 50 bucks (which is pretty high for a 4 Kg melon).
I later felt ,why not have fun scooping the watermelon..I tell u how i made this drink...

Watermelon--ready for scooping

Keep guessing whats the 7up doing here..

I cut out a square and started scooping with a spoon

This is how it looked once i scooped them all out..

I took some of the chunks ,ice,sugar and blended well.

Strained them...

Have a look at the refreshing juice of watermelon..

Pour them into the shell with the remaining chunks of melon..
And here goes the 7 up..pour them too.

Serve them in your favourite glass..
Could u see the watermelon chunks floating ??

The frothiness is due to the 7up..Its lemoni flavour gives
the melon a nice twist...

I put them on the fridge with the lid covered and me and my sis had it for the entire day for every hour..
Have a refreshing day!

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