Thursday, July 10, 2008


Pizza being the favourite of 'many'..I too couldnt resist falling into the category of 'many'.
I was having an urge to eat pizza today.But I was'nt having the pizza base at home.To make a pizza base needs quite a lot of time.And my hunger can't wait till then...
Then sparked the idea of 'Breadizzaaa'...

Breadizza made in 10 mins...

You will need:
Bread slices
Capsicum finely chopped
Olives chopped
Salsa or tomato ketchup
Butter -softened
Cheese-grated (I used cheddar..)

Remove the brown edges of the bread slices.Spread the butter on each slice.Spread the salsa or ketchup on it.
Arrange the vegetables and sprinkle the grated cheese as much as you want.

Bake in a 250 c preheated oven for 6 mins.Or place in a hot tawa until the cheese melts.
Eat and faint!


  1. Hey Dear your Breadizza really have a nice taste.. but sorry we cant make that at Home, hope to taste that from your Hands one day.. Its really wonderful.. keep it up... My wishes allways there for u...Hopeing for a Good taste in ur next Post. Once Again Best of Luck for your This blog...May you Get a lot of Sucess in this,,,

  2. what is new for today dear???

  3. Hey check out my updated post of 'The chidambaram car festival..' I have added a recipe there..

  4. Hey i saw your new Update in Chidambram Car festival,, but you dnt think it too difficult to make.. try something new that easy to make.. wish you gud luck for your this blog.. why dnt you try somthing with Bread and Mangoes both items avilable at ur home.. As you said that in your 1st Post..