Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mango jelly

Mangoes are something that I can't resist ..I can eat them in any form..ripe or unripe,sour or sweet..I never mind...
We got a good yield from our mango tree this time.Mom gave me the idea of pickling them..But I found it too boring and I suggested making them as jam..
They tastes lip-smackingly delicious and I was finishing them bowl after bowl like halwa!
I bet all mango lovers would definitely love this!

And it is so simple make...Just like 1,2,3..

1.Grate the mango..

2.Heat the pan and add 1 cup sugar,1/2 cup water and 1 cup mango.

3.Cook till the mixture solidifies to jam consitency..( keep stirring in between)

P.S If the mangoes are not sour add 2 teaspoon of lime juice.


  1. hey dear, so u tried somthing with Mangoes nw,, Very very gud work,,, Nice to see your ur this post..

    So wot we gonna taste tomarrow????

    Best of luck

  2. Hey Madhu Dear, I tried your Gobhi Manchurian, I dnt Have words to say, cause its Taste is Amazing that no one at home stop licking their fingers after eating that.

    But one Very sad News I am going out for few days and i will be missing you and Your delicious Dishes a lot. I will try to keep watching your new dishes there if its possible for me. Hope like all time you will post too many good dishes when i come back.

    I will Be happy if i can know your email address so i can leave some good suggestions their for your this blog.

  3. Sudha ShrivastavJuly 17, 2008 at 7:39 AM

    Hello Dear its Sudha, I got one mail for your this blog & its Nice to Hear that you are a Engineer Student and you wish to establish your own Brand name like McDonald , I saw your all post and it looks nice but for compleing McDonald you have to work more Hard. Wish you Best of Luck.

    Sudha Shrivastav

  4. @ Sudha Shrivastav
    Thanks for visiting my blog ..I dont know who sent you that mail stating I have such a wish..I know achiving such a position is so tough..I started this blog to share my culinary interest with the world..Anyways thank you for wishing me...

  5. Hey Madhu I tried your Mango Jelly, So you me and my little nephew filled that between Breads slices and eating that even for today her launch box also she took your Mango Jelly only..

    Whats new for today????

  6. Oh man. I love mangoes!!!
    Mango jelly. hmm. sounds interesting.