Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Basundi is a very popular Maharastrian dessert.It is actually sweetened, evaporated milk and it is generally served with Puris in Maharastra.Yeah,Puris with Basundi is fascinating.They also serve Puris with Aamras(Mango Puree).I have tasted basundi in restaurants but not in our home.My mom never prepared them at home as it involves lots of patience.It took 1 hour and 20 mins for me to make this dish.But when I tasted it,it was all worth for every second I spent making it.My sistor has a big sweet tooth and she was demanding me for a long time to make this sweet for her.So I made it painstakingly for my lovable sis :-)...I have heard people using corn flour to thicken it quickly.But I don't recommend that idea as you could smell it very distinctly..
In northern India,Basundi is called as Rabdi/Rabadi..
If you use Buffalo's milk,it would be more richer..

You will need:
Toned Milk-1 litre
Condensed Milk-1/2 tin
Sugar-5 Tablespoons
Caradamom powder-1 Tablespoon
A big pinch of Kashmiri Saffron
Pistachios/Cashews for Garnishing

In a heavy bottomed vessel,bring the milk to boil .Add the condensed milk and Saffron strands. Combine well..

Keep the flame in medium and after a while a layer will be formed .Gently with the help of a spoon remove the layer from the milk and transfer it in a bowl.

This milk should be reduced to 1/4th .It will take approximately 1 hour and 20 mins.Do not forget to collect the milk layers formed inbetween.

Add the sugar and cardamom powder.And let the sugar to disslove.Add the collected milk fats to the thickened milk and simmer for few mins and remove from fire.
Garnish with Pistachios or any nuts of your choice.

NOTES: Adding orange flesh with some orange juice to the Basundi and refrigirating overnight givest lip-smacking 'Orange Basundi'..


  1. wow!its really amazing,excellent work,,,,,,,,mouth becomes watery!!!gud gr8 work madhu,,,,,

  2. Amazing Taste!!!!!!!! Day by day u r getting more experienced in ur cooking adventures madhu..

  3. Great Recipe Madhu! With all the great comments coming my way, it was worth the effort.. Thanks a ton..