Thursday, December 25, 2008

Strawberry Torte

Merry Chirtsmas! 
This could be my first attempt that I managed to make an exquisite Cake for Chirstmas.
Torte is a cake made with many eggs and it is usually layered.
I got this recipe from 'ZoeBakes'.I was so fascinated on seeing her cake and I wanted to give it a shot.I couldn't make it as adorable as she did.But the way she expalined was so simple that anybody could reproduce the recipe.It took me almost half a day for me to finish making this cake.In the end ,its all worth it.All thanks to Zoe..
This is some kind of cake which I never tried from our town bakeries.
I wouldn't say this is a successful one.But it doesn't tasted bad and I have to agree upon the fact that it is definitely different from the original recipe in terms of look and taste.
There are many factors for the variations.Firstly,I couldn't get all the ingredients actually required to make this cake.This recipe called for fresh strawberries.I replaced it with Strawberry Crush.And I did inumerable mistakes.Instead of baking the dacquoise in lower temp setting,I did that in high temp to quicken the process.Eventually,it turned out over browned and sticked to the wax paper.I took hell a lot of time to paitently remove the baked dacqouise from the wax paper.The cake came out perfectly.I patted myself for that.I adored the lovely orange tinted cake for a while before icing it.
I must admit ,Im awful in doing the icing part.I became so impatient and just spreaded it over the cake.
Inspite of that,it did tasted good.Everybody at my home loved it.But I must learn to make it perfect next time and should concentrate on minute details.

For the Dacqouise,I used 2 egg whites,1 cup of coarsely ground Cashew Nut(instead of almonds as in Zoe's),1/4 cup of Sugar

I beated the egg white for soft peaks.Added sugar and beated for a couple of mins until I get the glossy appearance.

Added the coarsely ground Cashews and folded it with the beaten egg whites.

I spread the mixture in a circular motion on a wax paper.
I baked in a preheated oven until they are cripsy.One should take care not to over brown it.Unlike me ,make sure to bake it in a lower temp like 110 C for about an hour.

For cake,
1 3/4 cups of flour
1/2 salt
1/2 Sugar
1/2 cup of orange juice
6 egg whites
6 yolks
3/4 cup Sugar
1 tsp Orange Zest

Sift the flour and salt and keep aside.

In a clean bowl,I beated the egg white using electric whisker with 1/2 cup of sugar until soft peaks.

In another bowl,I beated the yolks by gradually adding sugar.I continued beating until it is thickened and smooth.(Make sure that you wash and dry clean the whisker).
I poured the orange juice and zest and blended it well.
Then I Added the flour to the yolk mixture and folded well.

As Zoe mentioned,I folded the egg whites to the yolk/flour mixture in portions.

Lined a baking tin with parchment paper and poured the batter in it allowing some depth for the cake to rise.Baked the cake in a preheated oven of 250 C for 30 mins.

Allow the cake to cool completely.

I sliced the cake horizontaly into 2 portions.

Strawberry Crush..

I made the Strawberry Cream by combining 3 tbsps of Strawberry Crush with thick fresh cream.

I spreaded some strawberry preserve over the bottom layer of the cake.And I crumbled the 'supposed to be Dacqouise' above it.

Spreaded half of the strawberry Cream on it.

Then I placed the other half of the cake above it.And spreaded the strawberry preserve on top of it.Spreaded the remaining strawberry cream.Its done!

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  1. hi madhu....lovely torte....and i love the banana applesauce muffins...i hope you had a lovely christmas...and have a wonderful new year