Thursday, January 1, 2009

Icecream Cake~The Ultimate Dessert!

Wish you all a very happy new year!

2009 has started and lets all hope this year brings us luck and happiness in our life.when I look back at 2008 ,I could see that my biggest exploration in 2008 is, my culinary skill.2008 was not at all bad for me,I started blogging,cooking etc.I kept myself very much active in this year.Although there were some bad times,I could recollect year 2008 as an year of revelation of myself.Overall its an year of learning for me.I learnt various things and spent most of my time by engaging in some activities.I believe the coming year will be much better than the previous one.
Today is my sister's B'day.So we got two reasons to celebrate Jan 1 every year.Last night I made two different cakes for the eve(s).For my sis ,I made Chocolate Sheet Cake.

                                                    with my impatient icing skills :(

And for the New year ,we had 'Ice cream Cake'.
My cousins were here and so we had a bashing good time.We hosted the lunch party at our home.SakaraPongal,Chilly Mushroom,Roasted Turnips,Poori,Punjabi chole Masala,Bisebelabath,Cucumber Raitha,Onion Vadams,Curd Rice and Ice cream Cake were on the menu.
 Ice cream Cake was such a hit and my 'Athai' commented it 'Rich n De-li-ci-ous'..So I wanted to share it with my viewers.This is actually Nigella Lawson's Ice Cream Cake which I tweaked a bit.
I couldn't get the chocolate chips/buttons.But I was having lots of Hershey's kisses in my fridge.I chopped them to make Chocolate Chips.I also skipped the Butter Scotch Sauce instead used Chocolate sauce!
This cake is so easy to make and can be made a day before and stored in a freezer compartment.

You will need:

1 liter Butterscotch Ice Cream( softened)

1 Pack of Bourbon Biscuit
1 cup of chocolate chips
2 snickers or five star chocolates

For topping :
Hershey's quick freeze Chocolate Sauce
Kellogg's Chocos

Make the chocolate Chips ready by chopping your fav chocolate.

Take a Ziploc bag and put the bourbon biscuits and snickers chocolate.Close it and smash them using a rolling pin.

They should not be powdered but should have bite sized pieces.

Put the broken biscuits/snickers,chocolate chips in a large bowl containing softened ice cream.Combine well.

Line a round tiffin box with a cling wrap,pour the ice cream mixture and bring the rest of the cling wrap covering the top surface of the ice cream cake.

Close the tiffin box with its lid and put it inside the freezer.

After 4 or 5 hours,the ice cream would be set .Take it out of the tiffin box and gently unwrap it.

Pour the quick freeze Hershey's chocolate sauce.It will be frozen to a hard chocolate shell.Make your desired icing.Or assemble the chocos on the top surface of the ice cream cake.
Slice into wedges,drizzle some chocolate syrup and serve before it melts..

Cross Sectional view..

Have a Happy 2009!


  1. charu is really a luck girl !!!

  2. madhu..this ice cream cake looks so yum-yum..i am drooling to have it