Friday, February 27, 2009

Aromatic Podis(powders) from my grandma's kitchen!

Y'day I had a great time with my paternal grandma..I was with her whole day watching her cook various things in a spree..I was adoring her elegant style of preparing the dishes with love and care..After lunch ,she made some podis that can be taken with rice and some ghee drizzled on top of it..During free time she makes these podis and store them which will last upto a month ..These podis can be a great quick fix during lazy days .We made five different podis and I love all of them..Next time she promised to make some other types of podis..
Here comes the recipe for the podis ..

Idli Milagai podi/Ullutham parrupu(Urad Dal) milagai Podi :

You will need :

1 cup Urad dal
8 dried red chillies
A pinch of Asafotedia
1 tsp oil

Heat oil in a kadai and roast the urad dal until it turns to golden color..

Roasted Urad Dal

In the same kadai,roast the red chillies..

Roasted Red chillies

Grind together the roasted urad dal,red chillies,salt,asafotedia to powder.Cool and store in a air tight container.

Idli milagai podi is generally served as a accompainment for dosa or idlis.Mix them with gingely oil or ghee and use it as chutney..

Kothamalli(Coriander) Podi :

You will need:

1 cup coriander seeds,slightly roasted in a tsp of oil
6 dried red chillies,slightly roasted in a tsp of oil

Roasted Coriander seeds

Grind the coriander seeds,chillies and salt together to fine powder.Cool and store in a air tigt container.

Mix a  tablespoon of this aromatic podi with some ghee/oil in hot cup of rice ..Its tastes divine :)

Karivepillai(Curry leaves) Podi :

You will need:

3 cups of curry leaves,washed and dried in a towel
1 cup of urad dal,slightly roasted in a tsp of oil
1 lemon sized ball of tamarind pulp
15 red chillies,slightly roasted in a tsp of oil

Tamarind ball and Curry leaves..

Grind urad dal ,chillies and salt together.Then add the tamarind and curry leaves and grind together to a fine powder.Cool and store a air tight container.

Some will roast the curry leaves before grinding but my grandma insisted not to do that ..She feels the real flavor and goodness of the curryleaves will be lost by roasting.Eat this podi everyday like a tablespoon along with rice , dosa/idli..or you can add this while making any curry /sambar..Its so good for hair and you will see the difference when taken regularly :)

Parrupu(Dal) Podi:

You will need:

1 cup tuar dal,slightly roasted in a tsp of oil
10 red chillies,slightly roastesd in a tsp of oil
10 cloves of garlic,sking peeled

Grind together the dal,chillies ,garlic and salt to a powder.Cool and store in a air tight contianer.

Parrupu Podi is ready!

Onion Vadagam Podi :

You will need:

1 cup Onion vadagam (This is used for seasoning and its also known as talimpu/thallipu                                                        vadagam available in Indian super markets)
10 red chillies,slightly roasted in a tsp of oil

Onion Vadagam broken..

Break the onion vadams in small pieces and roast them in 2-3 tsps of oil .

Grind the roasted vadam,chillies and salt together to a powder.Cool and store in a air tight container.

When you roast these vadagams ,the whole home smells good.It can be served as a chutney for dosa/idli or can be mixed with rice and served..

Thengai (Coconut) Podi :

You will need :

1 cup grated coconut
8 red chillies,slightly roasted in a tsp of oil
1/2 cup urad dal,slightly roasted in a tsp of oil

Roasted Coconut ..

Roasted the coconut in a pan without oil until it becomes dry and slightly golden..

Grind together roasted coconut,salt,red chillies and urad dal to powder.Cool and store in a air tight container..

My favourite Podi!

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  1. I have never seen Vadagam podi. I use a lot in my dishes and absolutely love this podi.Seem ur vadagam is not much old, Can i use little older vadagam (he he it has been 2 years i visited India that's why this quest) This page is a such a treasure for podis!
    Congrats on ur awrd and thx for sharing with me!

  2. How lucky are you Madhu? Enjoy your grandma. All these podis are like treasures, thank you so much for posting for us too. Pics are wonderful, her whole house must have smelled so good! You can send this to Smitha's Podis event!:))

    Enjoy your awards and thank you for thinking of me. Hugs to you.

  3. Oh drooling all over here..I am familiar only with that coocnut podi which we use for dosa..we call it chamanthi podi..All those look so delicious..My hubby is a big fan of all these podi's with ghee.Il ask him which one he likes n will try from here..:)Thanks for this.I so envy u...You have such a lovely Grandma..Both of my grandma's are no more..:(
    n oh..lotsa thanks for the award..Accept it from my side too dear..:)

  4. Hey Madhumathi....what a wonderful collection of podis...I am sure going to make them ...they all are wonderful....good one :)

  5. and Thank you for passing the sweet thing Madhu ....its so nice of you...u r very sweeter than me :)


  6. wow..lovely array of podis.. vadagam podi is new to me. i have some vadagam. will try for sure... sounds so good.

  7. thanks for the award madhu.. appreciate it!!

  8. That is one GREAT post!! nothing like spending time with grandparents! I miss them so much.. none of them are with us anymore. & even better is sharing their recipe!! Thanks for sharing that with us.

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  10. Cham,Vadagam generally do not get spoiled as thats made with castor oil..Try will love it..

    Yes,Asha..Being with grandparents is a great blessing...thanks for mentioning about the event will send it :)

    Thats so sweet of you,Varsha..Thank you,dear..Do try them all..Im sure you and your hubby will enjoy it :)

    Thanks,Vishali..Try them and let me know..

    Thanks,Mahimaa..Vadagam podi is loved by everyone in my home..Thats so flavorful..Im sure you will like it..

    Thanks Soma,My granny will be very happy when I convey the comments you guys have given here..Sorry,I missed out your name..Updated now..Plz pick the award :)

  11. Wow, what an amazing collection of podis. I am a great fan of podis. Kothamalli and vadagam podi is new to me. AS for vadagam podi, I have to wait till iprepare fresh stock this summer.
    Thanks to your grandma for preparing this and to you for sharing with us.

  12. You are such a blessing !! I've been intending to make podis, especially after we moved out of Bangalore. Here, In ahmedabad, its not easy to get all these and my husband loves it. bookmarked this for future use - thanks so much for sharing these recipes

  13. Bookmarking this page for me. This is a great collection on Podis.
    Congrats on all ur awards dear. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  14. How lucky....all those much better than store bought ones...and a very useful post...

  15. wow.. what a powders?? i love all powders.. nice clicks.. fantastic entry.. & thxs for the awards...

  16. woooow.. amazing... i am a great fan of podi kinds. felt so happy to c this podi round up. bookmarked it.
    thanks for sharing.

  17. Wow!..All the 5 in one post!..Love all.. :)!!
    As asha says you are a lucky gal..
    Love your granma and her treasures! :)

  18. Hi Madhu,
    Thanks a lot for your sweet words in my blog...:) I am so glad you found my blog and thro which I found urs...Because,your recipes are so similar to ouur traditional way of cooking!!!
    You know these all podis we too make in the same way,right from ulutham paruppu milagai podi till paruppu podi!!! I am so thrilled!!
    And when I saw your side bar,I saw puli sundal,even i become more happy coz,I have never seen in any other blog...we too make the same way:)
    I still have to go through your blog...and I am going to subscribe ur posts,so that i wont miss any...:)
    Keep in touch!

  19. Oh my gosh...all my favourite podi one post. Loved ur clicks, honey. Your gradma must be a great cook(like you). Oh my my...simply miss that 'karivepilai podi'...I don't get those lovely leaves, here!:(

    Congrats on the Award, wish you more in future...thanks for thinking my name, dear.

  20. Madhu, wow! what a collection of podi! they are simply superb! Vadagam podi is new to me. Nice click! worth bookmarking!

  21. hey madhu great, very long post at the same time bunch of podis.

  22. We love podis too, and I make them often.:)
    And there's nothing like a grandmother's cooking so do enjoy it.
    My grandmother was a great cook, but she's no more. But I have memories of her and many of her ecipes with me.:)

  23. Wow Madhu..!! Wat a lovely spicy spread of podis..! I love the curry leaf and idli podi most. Excellent description and detailing. Do participate in my FIL event..
    Congrats on the awards and thanks a lot for passing on to me :)

  24. Oh Fantastic post..I love all the podis you have prepared and am on the way to Chidambaram, which is my mom's place, now..Keep it for me...By the Bye, congrauts on the award and i have also something for you in my blog..plz check out..

  25. colourful podis,..loved all of them,..nd thanks for the awards,..

  26. looks so good! useful n nice set of recipes!
    i prepare idli podi in the same way u prepared !

  27. u lucky girl! anything that cooked by grandma has to be extra special and most delicious! i loved the podi made using tamarind. gonna give it a shot soon.

  28. Woww Madhu u r very lucky, send me some podis dear, everything looks superb...congrats on ur award, wish u more in future...vadagam podi is very new to me..

  29. These podis are so good,so swt of your grandmom to make these and you for sharing your family recipe.

  30. wat an array of podis i can feel the aroma from here... vadagam podi is absolutely new to me.. will try this time.

  31. wow, soo many podis .. I can smell the aroma

  32. I'm so glad that found your blog...and this wonderful podi recipes...I never made podi as of now but I love them so much :-)....Convey wishes to your granny...I have bookmarked this page and going to try some soon..thanks for sharing dear

  33. what a great array of recipes!!! thank you.

  34. i tried vadagam podi and it was yum with rice and ghee :) thx..

  35. hi madhu, i love all ur a newly married girl,i dnt know how to cook,but now am cooking all the varieties vth tasty.i tried paruppu podi its excellent.thank u madhu

  36. You are welcome..iam glad i helped!