Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Writer with a difference..

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness---Mark Twain"

Muthukrishnan made me to agree with Mark Twain's words. In a nutshell, Muthukrishnan is an impressive Writer, Social activist, Traveller for Peace , regular debator in popular Tv shows like 'Neeya Naana' and above all a great humanitarian.

I have hardly blogged about any subject that is other than food. This post is to bring awareness about this great-person and most importantly a wake up call to all those who failed to look at various issues that are revolving around us (including myself!)

How many of us rely on news channels and news papers to know what is going on around the globe?
99% of us believe whatever is shown in the media is the reality. We never question the integrity of the news we read. If we did, our world would have been a altogether a different/ better place.

Muthukrishnan does not fail to question what he hears from the media. In addition to that, he travels to the site himself, researches the actual scenario and finds out the truth. Not all of us can do this.
That is where his service comes to rescue. He writes essays and books on all the issues he has investigated with refutable evidences to support what he has observed.

Not only that, there are many social issues which have not been in limelight due to the media's bias. As a part of the humanity, its our duty to know what happens in the world we live. And we should try to reach out to those in need with our empathy. We all cannot quit our jobs and travel to create awareness. But at least we can render our contribution by maintaining peace and humanity with our fellow neighbors.

Like Muthukrishnan, there are so many eminent persons who have been working for social justice. And they all say, in order to overcome all these social problems a huge attitudinal change needs to take place in people's mind. Why?
Because everything is interconnected. Government, corporate, public, media, religion, social classification, environment , money and many more to list-all have its role to play in the vicious circle of whatever good or bad happens.
A single body alone (say for example government!) cannot be blamed.
Who is government? Our representation! ---there lies our answer.
So the change should begin from us. Again we all have this question, what positive impact is going to take place if I alone change? The rest of the billion population should also change. Well, they might also want to change but they would be thinking like me and not make an effort to change. So this is how the present scenario goes.

The solution ?
Somebody have to motivate us to create/be the change. I see, a person like Muthukrishnan as 'the change agent'. At first, I felt whatever he said and wrote in his books questionable and that led me to research further on the internet. And most of them 're convincing to me.
So I am here to ripple the change he initiated within many of those who attended his meeting yesterday. Not that I am endorsing a particular person, I just started reading his books and there are so much of valuable information which everybody needs to know.

There are so many good hearts out there doing great work for the society just like him. Its high time, we all need to shut down our usual ,stereotypical way of seeing things and have a deeper insight on any issue before taking a stand.

What this post has to do with travel? 
My treks page is calling me to post my long due travel posts.
Muthukrishnan with 120 other International fellows travelled from Delhi, India to Gaza Strip,Palestine via land. His experience of this significant journey was shared with us.
He mentioned how each place they visited was a big 'Revelation' to him. For example, Pakistanis were more friendly to Indians than Indians are to Indians!

Well, I see 'Gaza returned' Muthukrishnan as a great inspiration for all the globe trotters and small trekkers like me! All these years, I have been excited to travel just for the fun of it. But recently, did I discover that there are more to it.

 The Persian Poet Saadi says,

"A traveler without observation is a bird without wings"

So,every travel we do can be a life-changing experience if we do not fail to observe.

My present visit to Kuwait itself turned out more rewarding in that aspect!


  1. he is indeed a writer with a difference of OPINION, and we are ought to be an observer in his journey that holds insights to the questions hanging on the walls of the society.

    Lot to be learnt, and inspired from him!

  2. Very true. Great to meet him in person! thanks for your comment!

  3. I happened to see this article and came here thru writer Muthukrishnan's website, Quite intresitng posts here too...

    Lucky you met him, We are yet to.....

  4. the man is look simple at the same time the ideas and speach also very depth.